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Character: Markus Georges (PL 1) Empty Character: Markus Georges (PL 1)

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 11:59 am
Markus Gorges (PL 1): 26, Male, 5’11”, 186 lbs, White, Black Hair, Rugged Facial Hair, Lean Muscles.
A common man with an uncommon life. As a high standing member of the Fumigation, he has the tattoo of a skull wearing a mouth respirator on the back of his right hand. He maintains a serious outlook of the world, just as how he handles situations. He wants to help the poor people forced to live without the Dome, so he joined the Fumigators at the age of 16 to act as a police officer for the wastes. He would end up meeting his wife, Ubichi Nitiya, in the organization when he was 20. Four years later, his wife went out on a her routine medical routes, but never returned, and now Markus searches the wastes for, presumably, her corpse.

Background: He has lived within the Dome his whole life with a middle class family. Unbeknownst to him, these aren’t his birth parents, as he was born in the wastes. When born, he seemed to be clean and mutation-free, a rarity in the irradiated wastes and a wonderful opportunity for him.  His parents gained the aid of the Fumigators, and with their help, managed to smuggle him into the Dome to live with an adoptive family as a normal child. He seems to suffer from a nerve disorder, causing his left arm to be numb to sensation and pain. He has used this when he was younger to disturb his friends by poking needles through his arm or dislocating his elbow or shoulder to bend it backwards, then snapping it back into place.
Yet to be discovered, he is, in fact, a mutant. Possessing the usual above average strength, speed, and endurance of the more mutated individuals, he had always chalked this up to being a healthy individual. With combat training later in life, he has learned how to overclock his body to boost his strength, speed, and reflexes, and control certain body functions to slow or even halt the progression of poisons or blood loss. He will later learn that he can also boost his healing to give himself regenerative capabilities, though they cannot be used for long without fatiguing. It also turns out that deadened nerves in his left arm plus the capability for explosive flesh growth allows this arm to be a good candidate for rapid metamorphosis to transform into unique shapes and boosted strength to make makeshift weapons, and in even more serious situations, can be used to make fleshy constructs at the cost of needing to remove the arm to leave the construct where it is.

Arsenal and Equipment:
-4-shot 0.50 Caliber Revolver: commonly wielded in his right hand, this firearm has been custom built to pack a punch, and it sure as hell does. A custom cylinder is capable of loading obscenely large rounds, but commonly uses 0.50 caliber rounds; it often holds shotgun shells for when more power or spread is needed, and can hold even up to a 0.950 caliber round for when you need to puncture through more than just steel. It’s downside is that its high recoil makes this gun slow to fire.
-10-shot 0.22 Caliber Revolver: commonly wielded in his left hand, this firearm has been built to fire fast and accurate shots rapidly, at the cost of firepower. More of a utility gun than a damaging gun, custom bullets have been built to hold trackers, smoke pellets, acid, or even small explosives for when regular bullets just don’t cut it.
-Thompson Center Contender G2: a single shot, high powered handgun. This gun is used for very special or highly armoured targets, as the bullets that have been made for it are designed to act as miniature drills and possess enough strength and speed to bore through thick sheets of steel. Of course, with one shot, you’d better not miss.
-Arm-Mounted Retractable Blade: a forearm length blade strapped to his right arm, it can be extended to protrude from his outer arm and be utilized in close combat. It is commonly hidden beneath his jacket sleeve to surprise his foes.
-Radiation-Proof Jacket: part of the Fumigator outfit, this large jacket has been modified to hold dozens of internal pockets to hold countless ammunition for his guns.
-Knife Vest: he wears what looks to be a normal vest, but lined on the inside is around 100 throwing blades for a quick ranged attack that needs more nuance or less lethality than a bullet can provide.
-Gas Mask: part of the Fumigator outfit, it protects the wearer from airborne toxins.
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