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Faction: The Fumigators Empty Faction: The Fumigators

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:01 pm
The Fumigators are an organization of middle to upper class citizens who reside within the Dome who have taken to traversing outside the Dome to traverse the irradiated lands beyond. Whether members’ motivations are to help the sick, fight the more hostile individuals as a makeshift police force, or simply scavenge for lost artifacts and memories, the brave men and women who decide to don the signature radiation-proof jacket and gas mask of the organization are given an opportunity to step outside the confines of the “wonderful and sterile” grasses of the Dome and venture into the weed-infested grounds of Old Tokyo. While the Fumigators do not have assigned leadership, men with a drive to help and lead and have the years to gather respect have come to stand as the head decision makers of this enclave. They are identified by tattoo engraved into their dominant hand, as well as on the back of their gas mask, of a skull wearing a mouth respirator.

“Be a cleansing mist to the sick, and a vicious poison to the cruel: The Fumigators!”
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