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Character: Octopus (PL 2) Empty Character: Octopus (PL 2)

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 12:08 pm
Octopus (PL 2) is a mutant who managed to escape the clutches of ALPINE. He is a young man, only 19 years old, thin, with short black unkempt hair. As a psionic, ALPINE tortured him in order to increase the power of his abilities and destroy his mind. They did manage to boost his power, which aided him in his escape.

Appearance: Octopus has this name for a reason; he looks very similar to an octopus. His skin is bumpy and soft and squishy, like an octopus, and has a dull red hue. The sclera of his eyes is black, and he has golden irises. His round face lacks a nose or nostrils, but has a slight protrusion where a normal human’s nose would be, though it is not as defined or protruding as a normal nose. He also lacks outer ear cartilage, only having holes on the sides of his head. Instead of normal arms or legs, he has eight tentacles, two from each shoulder and hip, which split on the ends; these protrusions can be used like fingers. He can wrap the pairs around each other, making a semblance of human limbs, but with only four fingers and toes, each of which are thicker than normal fingers and come to a point. During his stay with ALPINE, he was equipped with robotic prosthetic arms and legs to make him look more human within the Dome, but they wrapped his tentacles around his torso and nailed them into his sides to keep him from using them; he is not very well trained in walking with his prosthetic.  He will usually wear clothing from head to toe: boots, pants, a long sleeved shirt, a scarf, and a full head mask. His mask is bone white, with a circle on the face with an “X” inscribed; within each of the curved triangles made resides a diamond shape.

Background: Octopus was born to a middle-upper class family within the Dome. Once born, however, his drastic malformations showed that his family had heavily mutated genes, so they were banished from the Dome. Blaming him for their misfortune, his birth parents threw him into the Irradiated Sea to die. For three days the poor abandoned infant floated, crying, hungry, and soaked in radioactive water. Luckily, a passing sailor found him, at first thinking he was an octopus caught in some scrap cloth. The man adopted him, and decided to name him Octopus. The sailor and his wife took good care of him, and they lived quietly in their hut in a shack town. At the age of 4, his psychic powers were discovered, when he dropped his spoon and it began to levitate before it hit the floor. Due to having tentacles instead of regular limbs, Octopus was not very mobile or strong, and he lived as essentially a limbless mutant in a wheelchair. Because of his crippled status, he had few friends as a child. Being very shy did not help this situation. The few friends he did have he was fiercely loyal to, and when they weren’t watching, he would use his telekinetic powers to gather resources for them, or repair things in their house. At the age of 15, he was taken by ALPINE, who discovered powers when administering secret tests to children to see if they displayed signs of special gifts. For 4 years after his imprisonment, he was tortured almost daily, and forced to witness- and sometimes even commit- heinous acts to force his powers to rapidly grow as well as shatter his psyche so he could be controlled. Because of this, he now has a debilitating phobia of electricity.

Abilities: Octopus has telekinetic powers, having an affinity for cryokinesis (he says regular telekinesis causes his skin to become itchy and hot, while cryokinesis keeps him comfortably cool). When he uses his telekinetic powers, his hair sways and moves as if he were underwater. His mutant genes also gives him some physiological enhancements; he has the ability to regenerate from wounds, regrowing lost limbs and repairing damaged organs, but this takes a lot of time and does not do much to help him in combat. His stretchy skin and muscles also causes punctures to inflict little damage, as objects will easily pass through his flesh and not rip and tear like a normal human, and his healing factor allows him to quickly staunch any bleeding from these wounds. However, this means he is susceptible to being sliced, as blades can just cut through him with little resistance, making limbs rather easy to remove.
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