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Character: Dijon (PL0) Empty Character: Dijon (PL0)

on Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:36 pm
Born in the wastes and raised by a chef, Dijon owns and operates the popular restaurant Dijon's Smokehouse, a seedy joint located fairly centrally amidst the "suburbs." Her hair is greying in her old age, but while she is physically weak she is still as sharp as a tack. She is friendly to her customers, makes a good meal, and knows not to ask too many questions when it comes to suppliers. Some say the meat comes from dead fumigators, some say it comes from a mutated lichen, some say its just it's ripped off the bones of the local 'creatures'. The food is slow cooked for a week atop a pyre that gives off enough smoke to make the place visible for miles. The meat is pulled into strips and served with her 'special sauce' a closely guarded mix of scavengable ingredients that's closer to old-world BBQ sauce than should be possible. Dijon is friendly in a sarcastic and cynical way, and protects her restaurant and her regulars fanatically. As one of the last fine dining joints outside of the dome, business is booming, and rumors are that she is stockpiling the profits for a grand finale...
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