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The Pit (PL 2) Empty The Pit (PL 2)

on Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:30 am
The Pit is both an infamous location and a "nation" of sorts created in the most inhospitable region of the wastes. The Pit lies at the center of a vast desert and is heavily irradiated. Very few living things can survive and those that do are undoubtedly mutated to some degree by either the intense radiation or some other means in order to tolerate the dangerous levels of radiation inherent in The Pit. Ever since the Purity Crusade mutants have fled Old Tokyo in fear of their lives. These mutants eventually came across an "oasis" in the midst of the wasteland desert. The Pit was a vast crater in the scorching deserts of northern Japan. At the bottom of the Pit lies a small body of water which when examined further revealed a vast aquifer beneath the bottom of the Pit. Many of the less human mutants had been using this location as a watering hole for as long as they could remember. The more beastly mutants were at first hostile to their "purer" brethren yet after being offered food grown by the new colonists and comfortable housing the mutants and the "Freaks" came to an agreement. The incredibly powerful Freaks would lend their mighty strength to protecting the new community from foreign mutants and purebloods while the less mutated would work the farms and build new houses. Over time the Freaks began to use their role as combatants to exert more pressure over the community of the Pit and eventually a militant autocracy was established. The strongest warrior of the community would be determined by a tournament of strength. The mightiest mutant would be deemed the Warlord of the Pit and given the most lavish foods and possessions available to the mutants in exchange for his military guidance. As the people of the Pit grew more and more accustomed to this warrior culture a large stadium was constructed within the crater to be used as a ceremonial location to hold the tournaments of strength.
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