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Los Islas Unidos De La Philippines (PL 2) [Defunct] Empty Los Islas Unidos De La Philippines (PL 2) [Defunct]

on Thu Feb 08, 2018 10:45 pm
Similar to Indonesia, the Philippines experienced a Renaissance following the apocalyptic nuclear war that ravaged the world. With the fall of the many colonial nations who exerted economic and military dominance over the island nation, the Philippines was able to expand and fill the power vacuum left behind by the great Asian nations of Pre-War China and Japan. Via trade with the resource-rich Indonesians and colonization of the island of Formosa (formerly Taiwan) the Philippines built a mighty nation. After the Archipelagic Wars, the Philippines were forced to surrender Taiwan to Japan and were to cut ties with their Indonesian allies. The Philippines originally modeled their government after the now-defunct United States of America, utilizing three branches of government and checks and balances to ensure the liberty of their people. Furthermore, they also had a federalist system similar to the United States in which the local provinces held some autonomy yet were beholden to a strong federal government. After the brutal defeat of the Indonesian-Philippino alliance, the Philippines has been ruled by a puppet government established by Neo-Tokyo. In spite of the mighty psychic warriors and mutant soldiers employed by the Japanese, Philippino nationalism remains strong and it is rumored that an underground rebellion has begun to form.
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