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Character: Crimson (PL 3) Empty Character: Crimson (PL 3)

on Tue Feb 13, 2018 8:57 pm
221 years old, Male, 6’8”, 300 lbs, Formerly Caucasian- now dull reddish-brown colour, Dull Pink Hair, Muscular
Appearance: Definitely far from human now, this abomination stands at 6’8” tall, with plenty of muscle on his body. His skin is a reddish-brown hue, with his short hair a dull pink. His pupils are vertical slits, with no iris, and the sclera is a pinkish-red, and becomes more pink as it gets closer to the pupil. His mouth gapes open and has distended and enlarged; the bottom of his chin reaches his belly button. His face does not have a nose nor does his mouth possess lips. The rim of his mouth is lines with sharp teeth, with fangs on the top and bottom jaws, and his long tongue has teeth on its edges from where it exits the throat to a few inches down. His hair is usually short and unkempt. His four lowest ribs have grown extra shafts, which have pushed through his skin and end sharply. His hands and feet have seven clawed fingers and toes; his hands have five fingers on top instead of four, and he has two thumbs instead of one at the joint. Despite his immobile jaw, he seems to be able to talk relatively well. To hide his appearance, he commonly wears faded mint-coloured pants; a green tattered trench coat, which he has to keep unbuttoned so his mouth can fit; a yellow, green, and blue scarf to hide most of his face and front torso, including his mouth; and a worn brown leather hat.
Background: originally a scientist named Christopher Zusmy, he worked on bioengineering humans to help them become stronger to meet greater demands for stronger, healthier people. He only ever tried one trial with a prototype serum, and the subject was him. News that a nuclear explosive was heading towards his facility forced him to try out his serum before they were obliterated. After injecting himself, he ran hasty diagnostic checks on himself, but it seemed the serum hadn’t altered his DNA, and now time was up. The nuke wiped out his facility in an instant. All that was left was a crater… and a single human heart. It turned out his serum did alter the DNA of his heart, causing it to become extremely durable. It also granted him rapid regenerative properties, but unfortunately the unrefined serum left his body heavily mutated and twisted. But with it, his physical abilities had improved vastly, becoming tougher, stronger, faster, and overall better than the average human. This all happened when he was 26, and he has been wandering the wastes after the War ever since. He is now 221 years old, as his regeneration keeps his body healthy. He now goes by the name of “Crimson”.
Abilities: While the original serum simply made him more durable and stronger, an unintended side effect of the serum was that his DNA became very malleable and plastic. He found that eating any DNA-containing substance could allow him to alter his current DNA with the new DNA. After many instances of having to eat a fellow human to survive, he had developed a taste for human meat, as it is the easiest DNA to digest. Eating only parts of an individual can grant temporary use of any powers or abilities they have, but overuse will burnout the DNA; for a permanent addition, he must digest the DNA and give it time to adhere to his own genome, which usually takes about a week. Having once eaten a psychic has also given him minor psychic powers, which have moulded into hemokinesis- or blood bending. With his regenerative capabilities, he will often spill his own blood to use as a weapon against his enemies- what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, yes? Also, by ingesting blood or flesh from an individual he can revitalize himself, giving him more energy to boost his strength or regeneration. The more he consumes, the stronger he gets…
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