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The Archipelagic Wars Empty The Archipelagic Wars

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:48 am
Long ago, the great island nations of Asia went to war over the very limited amounts of fertile land they had available. On one side, the pseudo-state of the Dome had formed a coalition with several southern Japanese settlements and many of the more prosperous northern coastal villages of Australia. The Dome had formed this coalition to weaken the regional superpower of Indonesia, as the country was minimally impacted by the great nuclear war that had occurred years before. Indonesia was aided by the Philippines and Papua New Guinea as both island nations had been colonized and controlled by the Dome and Australians respectively. Ultimately the Indonesians and rebellious islands were quelled by the coalition of Neo-Tokyo. After the war, Indonesia had much of its lands seized and the rest savagely burned and salted while Papua New Guinea and the Philippines were reincorporated into the domains of the Dome and Northern Australia as puppets.
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