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Murabi the Rat King (PL 2) Empty Murabi the Rat King (PL 2)

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:51 am
Murabi was once a young scavenger roaming the wastes beyond the slums until one day he came across a mysterious artifact. The mysterious power of the artifact twisted his body, merging him with a nearby pack of rats into a hideous beast. From that day on he was the Rat King: a mighty warrior gifted with supernatural strength and speed. The Rat King possesses supernatural strength and a resistance to radioactive energies but his mind has become poisoned by his precious artifact. He lusts after treasure with an insatiable greed and will do anything for more precious trinkets such as polished spoons, necklaces, and other relics of the Old World. Murabi also seeks vengeance upon the Council of the Pure for unknown reasons and his greatest desire is to see the decadent and unworthy citizens of the Dome become as mutated and monstrous as he is. Where Murabi goes a pack of large deformed black rats follows. Their bodies appear to be partially hairless with tufts of fur sprouting from their torsos irregularly. Their arms are long and twisted with human-like hands while their feet closely resembles that of a rat. Strangely neither Murabi nor his "pack" bears the iconic scaly tails of lesser rats and most of the rat creatures can utter human speech with little difficulty. Murabi still possesses the mysterious artifact he claims mutated him yet never shows it to others and as such no one knows the true nature of Murabi's affliction. Some claim the wanderer was cursed by dark magic while others say he was exposed to some kind of mutagen, a biological weapon, or simply something excessively radioactive that made him coincidentally look like a rat. No matter his origins, the Rat King is one of the most feared and sometimes revered of the wasteland's monsters and one of the few who frequently dwells among the slums of Neo-Tokyo. Rumor has it that Murabi is amassing a cult of mutant slum dwellers so that one day he may overthrow the Dome. When it comes to the monstrous rodent truth and rumor are hard to untangle.
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