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Indonesian Revanchist Confederation (PL 2) Empty Indonesian Revanchist Confederation (PL 2)

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 4:58 am
Unlike many other regions of the world, Indonesia was nearly untouched by nuclear warheads yet due to the loss of many trade partners suffered from famine and a lack of resources. In modern times, however, Indonesia is the largest stretch of uncontaminated land in the world and possesses large quantities of clean water and fertile land. The abundance of natural resources in Indonesia has allowed it to heal from the catastrophe of nuclear war and grow into an arguable superpower. The emergence of Indonesia as an economic and military powerhouse resulted in foreign aggression by the Dome and the northern Australian settlements. After the second Archipelagic War, the numerous micronations of Indonesia formed a coalition. This new confederation is called the Indonesian Revanchist Confederation and its primary goal is to reclaim the Indonesian lands seized by Japan and Australia during the Archipelagic War. The IRC currently maintains diplomatic relations with the remaining Japanese and Australian city-states. While the IRC was forbidden from making contact with its former allies in the Phillippines, rumors abound that the two island nations are plotting vengeance against mainland Japan especially the Dome. The IRC is lead by a democratically elected Coordinator who rules for a term of 10 years. Each island has its own government headed by a governor. The Coordinator is selected from the current governors. Each island's government operates independently from the others as some islands have representative democracies while others are autocratic. The executive branch member of each island is considered its representative in the Indonesian Senate and candidate for Coordinator. Despite its seemingly representative democracy, the federal government of the Confederation is weak and many Indonesians live under autocratic regimes while other islands subject their inhabitants to oligarchies. Nevertheless, Indonesia claims to be the most culturally and economically advanced nation in Asia and as such has begun to demand more respect from its former rivals.
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