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Power Level Guidelines Empty Power Level Guidelines

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:01 am
To make sure fellow authors are on the same page, there are going to be the following rules regarding "Power Levels"

-Power Levels are a very broad term for describing a creations general power or resilience

-When you create something in the creations tab, you specify what power level it occupies

-When creating a role-playing thread, the creator of the thread specifies somewhere in it the highest power level of the creations included in the thread

-If any other player introduces a creation of a power level higher than the level specified by the author of the thread, then they call said creation out in their post

The power levels are defined as follows:

PL 0: Around the level an average person with no exceptional talents occupy
PL 1: The level an exceptionally talented person, or mutant with destructive force that is generally better than conventional weaponry would occupy
PL 2: The level a creation that is generally not harmed by conventional weaponry, and can wield destructive force considerably stronger.
PL 3: The level of a creation that can shrug off an intense amount of destructive force, and respond in kind. These creations are generally unable to be harmed by PL 0 and 1
PL 4: This creation encompasses anything stronger than PL 3, such as creations with god or godlike attributes, and are generally better avoided.
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