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The Dome of Neo-Tokyo Empty The Dome of Neo-Tokyo

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 5:33 am
The Dome is the nucleus of Neo-Tokyo, it is the last refuge of unmutated humans and is widely considered paradise by the lowborn mutants in the slums surrounding the Dome. Life in the Dome appears ideal as the average Dome citizen lives a life of isolation from the depravity and starvation that lurk beyond the walls of the Dome. Every Dome citizen has access to a seemingly endless supply of good food and clean water. In spite of the Utopian living conditions of the Dome, life within it has become dangerous in its own way. Since the Dome consists of humanity's last genetically clean citizens, citizens of the Dome and their exalted rulers are forced by peer pressure and necessity to avoid conflict. This does not mean life is peaceful and cooperative for the citizens of the Dome, rather it means that there is an air of forced politeness and most arguments occur in private. The life of a Dome citizen is fraught with making deals, backstabbing, and deceiving others. No Dome dwellers are more experienced at treachery than the infamous Council of the Pure. The Dome is ruled by the Council of the Pure, a genetically selected group of 12 individuals chosen to govern the city. While the Council puts on a front as a righteous and upstanding organization its members are depraved and hedonistic. The Council consists of 12 members who propose laws, programs, and other courses of action then vote upon whether to carry it out. In addition to the Council, there are several Departments each controlled by a Department Head selected by the Department itself. The most influential of these Departments are the Department of Resource Acquisition and the Department of Engineering as they are the two organizations whose role is to maintain the structural security of the Dome and to design means of defending the Dome from its many enemies.
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